Sound And Vision

The twins were arm in arm, soaring high above Manhattan. “Did you know that the First Starbucks in Russia has opened?” Greta asked.

“Uh huh,” Valia grinned.

It was mid-November, and they were taking what Greta called, ‘the scenic route,’ to pop in on the gathering at the United Nations. When Greta heard about a woman who was gang raped in Saudi Arabia, then sentenced to six months in jail for being out without the permission of a male, and being out without a male member of the family, then given two hundred lashes for just talking about it, she Sound And Vision wanted to hurt someone. “Let’s get this over with, it is such a gorgeous day and I promised the rest of it was to be set aside for you and your leaves.” Valia had started a collection of colorful fall leaves, and as long as the cold weather had taken to arrive, the color changes and falling leaves were happening late in the season.

In what seemed like a blink, the twins were standing before the Saudi Arabian delegation. I wanted to get a close look at a member of our species who finds it acceptable to treat Sound And Vision women as nothing more that a fuck machine for their own personal enjoyment, Greta thought.

Come little sister, Valia thought, taking Greta by the hand to the center of the room. They JTIKED every member of the assembly to immediately address the woman’s plight in jail in Saudi Arabia, and to address the rights of women in general in every country on the planet that does not treat them as an equal. It would remain the order of business until the Saudi’s released the rape victim. They then JTIKED the Saudi delegation as they did Sound And Vision the terrorists in San Francisco, only this time it would create a domino effect from the top down, forcing a change in the way they treat women. They then repeated the JTIK on every delegation from countries that treated women poorly. The countries where Female Genital Mutilaion was still practiced received an extreme JTIK calling on the practice to end, but the reality of the vast numbers involved made Greta realize that this JTIK would take some time. “One day we will have to visit this Dark Continent,” Greta thought just before they vanished from the room, reappearing in their apartment Sound And Vision.

Greta took two bottles of Fiji water from the fridge, threw a camera in her bag and headed out the door behind Valia, who was excited that she was going to be able to drive out to the country on such a sunny day. They headed out of town and into New Jersey for a one-hour trip south and west to the colorful region around Princeton and Delaware. The night before, Valia pointed to Princeton on a Google map and asked if they could travel there the next day.

As they drove along, Greta was treated to one Sound And Vision of Valia’s latest creations with her plants on the c.d. player. Only she and Valia could hear the lyrics of the plants singing, but the song seemed perfect for the trip on such a gorgeous day. “That was remarkable,” Greta smiled.

“Really, my babies were not sure what you would think of it,” Valia replied.

“I love everything about you Valia, you, your work, your eyes, your thighs,” she giggled reaching down to run her hand up her blue jean covered leg.

When they arrived at Princeton, Valia seemed to be on a mission. They Sound And Vision strolled through the wooded areas of campus collecting colorful leaves, eventually making their way to the Plasma Physics Lab. She reached for Greta’s hand, and in an instant the leaves were no longer crunching under their Keen loafers.

They were standing in a laboratory that Greta seemed to understand, which she thought was unusual at first, cramped and full of ongoing fusion experiments. Valia stood in front of a large blackboard and smiled. “They will never get it that way,” she said.

Greta watched as the formula on the blackboard changed before her eyes, still in the handwriting of the researcher Sound And Vision who began it. Scientific symbols had always seemed like alien writing to her, and now she was sure that a few of the researchers would find the changes on the board looking a bit alien to their eyes. Valia then JTIKED the remaining blackboards in the labs and lecture halls to show copies of the new formula she created. She then touched Greta gently on the cheek and kissed her, as once again they were out in the sunlight with the fresh November air washing over them. A couple passing by simply looked at the sight Sound And Vision of them kissing and smiled.

“Mmm, let me guess, that was not your grandmother’s recipe for chicken soup you just delivered in there?” Greta giggled.

“Yes, how did you guess?” Valia laughed reaching down for a brightly colored red leaf. Valia had given them the formula for cold fusion that could go into production immediately.

“I didn’t know they had chickens on your, ahem, continent.”

“Do you like this color?” Valia asked holding the bright red leaf up to the sunlight for her to see.


Greta watched as Valia’s fingernails changed color to match the leaf, and then Sound And Vision looked down to see hers were not changed. “Hey, Greta like, Greta wants to match.”

Valia just shook her head and laughed as Greta’s fingernails changed to match hers in color.

They strolled through parts of campus, Valia filling her plastic zip lock bag to what she felt was a comfortable capacity for the colorful contents.

Making their way back to the Pontiac, they noticed a lone figure standing in an open field waving to them. Greta thought that perhaps the wave was for someone else walking nearby, but the figure followed them as they walked Sound And Vision, continuing to wave.

“Come on, it will be all right,” Valia said.

As they approached, once the figure removed his hat to reveal a silvery grey head of hair sticking out in every direction, she could see that it was Albert Einstein. “Good day ladies,” Albert said, “beautiful day isn’t it?”

“That it is,” Greta smiled, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Ah, but the pleasure is all mine,” he replied waving a finger at Valia. “My dear, I want to thank you for clearing up that messy snag at the lab earlier, I could have finally Sound And Vision changed it nearly six months ago, but I do not have that option in my present state.”

“It is a basic approach for its use,” Valia smiled, ‘thank you.”

They walked through the field talking to him for nearly an hour. When Valia explained how she and her species were able to move through space, Albert seemed immediately rejuvenated.

“You’ve given me something new and refreshing to dream about Valia, thank you again,” Albert said as they offered their goodbyes.

“It has been our pleasure,” Valia replied.

“If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by to say hello Sound And Vision,” Albert said, “I am usually somewhere on campus and should not be hard to find for someone such as yourselves.” Saying that, he vanished.

“That was pretty awesome,” Greta said.

“Yes, I think he has a crush on you.” Valia giggled.

“Me, you’re the mega brain in this family,” Greta laughed.

“Let us go, I need a Starbucks,” Valia said.

“Yes,” Greta replied as she started singing, “I could while away the hours, Conferrin’ with the flowers, Consultin’ with the rain, And my head I’d be scratchin’, While my thoughts were busy hatchin’, If I only had Sound And Vision a brain.”

When they arrived back at the Pontiac, the twins heard a timid sounding male voice shout, “Wait, please.” They turned to see a tall slender young man talking to them. “Thank you.”

“And why do you owe thanks to us?” Greta asked.

“My name is Alan, Alan Feinstein,” he replied, “I saw what you did in the lab.”

“Really, and what lab would that be?” Greta asked trying to play dumb. Valia, is it possible that we can be seen when? Greta thought.

No. Valia replied in thought.

“The lab where, in the blink of an eye Sound And Vision, you were able to change the way mankind will power itself,” Alan replied.

Valia, help me out here, Greta thought.

“There was no one in the lab we visited earlier,” Valia said.

“Actually, I was there, but you could not see me,” Alan replied. “I was cloaked, an invention of mine, top secret actually, you are the only people who know of it.”

It sure seems like a shame to JTIK someone with such a fabulous mind, Greta thought.

We’re not going to, Alan is your generations Einstein, only he will take your species further than Albert Sound And Vision ever dreamed because of this day, Valia replied in thought.

“Well your secret is safe with us Alan,” Valia smiled.

“And yours with me Valia, or is it Greta, you are so hard to tell apart,” Alan replied.

The twins gave him a serious stare like they were wondering how he knew their names, even though they already knew the answer.

“Perget Archives, I have been a fan of your’s for months,” Alan blushed.

“Alan, if you ever hit a snag, just tell the nearest bird you see to get ahold of us,” Valia said as she Sound And Vision reached out to shake his hand.

“I will, well thank you again, I have so much work to do, drive safely,” Alan smiled as he turned to walk back to his lab.

“We still need that Starbucks, yes?” Valia asked.


When they arrived back at their apartment, Greta found an envelope in their mailbox with the word Green written on it. Krystyna was still on vacation in Europe, so they looked in on her apartment to feed her cat and water her plants. The twins now owned the building, having purchased it from Constance after Valia won her Sound And Vision own Lottery prize of thirty six million dollars the weekend before Halloween. They had begun converting the floor between their apartment and Krystyna’s into a plant filled ‘recording paradise’ as Valia put it.

“Have fun playing with your babies,” Greta smiled, “baby sister is going to heat up her award winning lasagna.”

“Mmm, a quiet dinner at home,” Valia grinned.

Greta popped her lasagna into the oven, and then sat down to open the mail. She threw the bills into a pile and would later give them to Krystyna who she ‘employed’ to see they all got paid in time Sound And Vision since she never seemed to know from day to day where their lives might take them. She looked curiously at the Green envelope and opened it. Inside, the message simply read, “Love your video Green, Please call me, 212-429-1229, B.” She put the message back in the envelope and set the table, complete with candles. When she was satisfied everything was perfect, right down to the food on their plates, she summoned Valia.

Valia darling, she thought.

Mmm, let me guess, you want to know where the corkscrew is? Valia giggled.

Dinner is served, make sure you wash Sound And Vision all the soil from your hands before you sit down to eat, I am using our very finest restaurant ware, Greta giggled.

In a few moments Valia was standing behind her kissing Greta on the neck, her hands still moist from washing them. “Smells good, you really know how to cook little sister,” Valia purred.

“Oh darling you better stop that or we are going to be eating a cold dried out dinner,” Greta moaned.

“Can I help?”

“Have a seat my dear, I have it all under control.”

Valia sat down and looked at the Green envelope Greta Sound And Vision had leaning against her wine glass. She picked it up and put it to her forehead. “It is from a man, a musical man, an artist, a very powerful musical man,” she giggled.

“B, hmmmm, let me guess, Bono?”



“Uh uh.”

“Dinner is getting cold, Bowie,” Greta said as she poured some hot pasta sauce over the top of Valia’s slice of lasagna.

“That is correct.”

“Oh my, I am impressed.” Greta said. “He is a very powerful musical wizard indeed.”

Valia had discovered that she had a weakness for good pasta. Each time she ate one Sound And Vision of her small bites of it, she would moan with delight. “My babies love the way the house smells when you cook,” Valia smiled.

“You know, he has good taste, your Green music video is beyond awesome.”

“He will expect an explanation for how it was accomplished, and that cannot be done without disclosure or JTIK,” Valia said.

“It will be entirely your decision whether to meet with him or not.”

Greta watched with excitement as Valia put another small piece of food into her mouth. Her phone started ringing in the other room. “Excuse me Ms. Garbova,” Greta Sound And Vision giggled walking over to see who was calling.

“Oh, take your time, more for me,” Valia laughed.

“Doz brusznik vokitas,” Greta answered.

“Greta, it’s Clarissa, how are you?”

“No fooling you I see,” Greta laughed. “I am fine, Valia is better I see, as she slips another piece of my award winning lasagna into her gorgeous mouth.” “How are you, where are you?”

“I’m in Chicago with Robyn, but I am flying to New York early in the morning for a modeling gig,” Clarissa replied. Only staying the one day than back here and back to school.”

“Allright Sound And Vision then, it’s your choice, stay with us or stay at the Chelsea?” Greta asked.

“I’d rather not stay alone if I don’t have to,” Clarissa replied.

“When you get to the city come straight here and drop your stuff off and we will get you to where you have to be for your shoot.”

“I will, give Valia my love, see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, I had better get in there before she puts on a few pounds and we no longer match, Greta laughed. “I will save you a piece of lasagna.”

“Love you Sound And Vision, bye,”

“Wonderful, a new unbiased opinion of my music,” Valia said looking up at Greta returning to the table, her plate empty.

“Yes, I love it when dear friends visit.” You finished everything on your plate which means you do not have to help clean up,” Greta said.

“Thank you,” Valia smiled, retired to the other room and turned on the television. Greta joined her when she was finished cleaning up in the kitchen. “Clarissa is a fan of Bowie, so I have decided to call him.”

“If that is your decision, fine,” Greta said in a deep Sound And Vision voice staring at Valia with a serious look on her face.

“Are you jealous?” Valia asked.

“I was practicing acting, pretty good huh?” Greta laughed.

“Yes you had me going there for .7699969 seconds.”

Valia had moved three plants to the coffee table before Greta came into the room. Greta watched as she conversed with them on the very short piece they were to perform. “You may dial his number now and put us on speaker please.” Valia smiled. Greta dialed the number given in the Green note, that when answered went to the voice mail. At the tone Valia, accompanied by her Sound And Vision three plants, left a short dreamy instrumental sounding message, and then hung up. Greta and the other plants in the room applauded.

“Maestro,” Greta smiled. “Amazing.”

“Thank you, I want to thank my plants, and my sister, and most importantly,” Valia said before being interrupted by the phone ringing.

“It’s him,” Greta said throwing the phone on the couch acting jealous again.

“You are getting better at your acting,” Valia laughed before answering the phone.


“Hello, I am calling for Mr. Bowie,” a soft female voice spoke. “He is out presently, but played your message and asked Sound And Vision that I call you to try and set up a time and place when you both could meet.”

“Tomorrow at four p.m. at this address,” Valia replied giving their address.

“I will give him the message, thank you and goodnight,” the woman said before hanging up.

“It was his wife, she is a beautiful woman, a model.” Greta said.

Valia threw the phone back on the couch near Greta, giving her an angry jealous look.

“That’s very good, you are so multi-talented,” Greta giggled. “You had me going for 1.96 seconds.”

Valia stood on Sound And Vision the coffee table and leaped towards Greta sitting on the couch, moving in slow motion as the room filled with the sounds of a symphony orchestra tuning up prior to performing a piece. Greta began stretching out on the couch to receive her lover in her arms as their clothes seemed to remove themselves from their bodies, landing on the floor just as Valia softly landed on top of Greta. The moment their bodies touched, the room filled with the ambient music the room full of plants felt was needed for the twins love making through the night.

Greta Sound And Vision woke to the smell of cooking. Valia’s face appeared above her peering over the top of the couch. “I cooked you breakfast,” Valia said, “then we have to go meet the press.”

“Meet the press?” Greta asked.

“Yes, we have about one hour to eat and be there.”

“Where is there?”


“French toast, yummy,” Greta said. “I hope we will have time to stop at Starbucks.”

“We always have time to stop at Starbucks.” Valia said.

In just over fifteen minutes they finished eating and dressed in the jeans and sweaters Valia already had laid out Sound And Vision. “What’s the weather going to be like today?” Greta asked.

“We will wear our overcoats and hats,” Valia replied.

“Oooh, I just love cashmere,” Greta moaned.

They made their way down to the Pontiac. “Is this going to be a short visit?” Greta asked.


Valia drove to the Starbucks at 15th & 9th and waited in the car while Greta ran in to get their usual, lattes with extra shots. When she returned Valia headed for the Holland Tunnel, and between two double-parked trucks making deliveries, the Pontiac disappeared from the island of Manhattan, reappearing in the Sound And Vision visitor parking lot at George Washington University. “We still have some time,” Valia grinned, “let’s enjoy our lattes.”

“Do you have any idea what time Clarissa will be done with her shoot?” Greta asked.

“Not yet,” Valia smiled. “Is there anything you would like to have the press and your president discuss before the inhabitants of your world?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is.”

The twins held hands and were instantly soaring high above D.C. “While high above the White House, Greta sent a healing love vibe to Steven who would be getting out of Sound And Vision the hospital soon. An instant later, they were standing along a wall with the usual gathering of celebrity journalists and newscasters when Gregory Twine came out to stand at the podium. One after another, the questions were choreographed by Valia or Greta, as well as the answers from Twine. The topics remained focused on the environment, and emission standards, fuel economy, the war, human rights, and the extremely painful topics of the treatment of women in the Arab World, and the genital mutilation of woman mainly in Africa.

When the president was just about to leave the podium, Greta could not Sound And Vision resist having him say, “Just love them Starbucks lattes,” at the end of his final answer to one of his least favorite journalists.

Come, we must get back and prepare for the coming of Bowie, Valia thought.

Yes, the coming of Bowie, Greta thought. Should I cook?


In less than an hour, after returning to the Pontiac, stopping for a second Starbucks, and taking a short leisurely drive through the Nation’s Capital, the twins were back in Manhattan heading to the Farmer’s Market. They purchased what they needed for Greta to cook a complete pasta dinner Sound And Vision. She decided on spaghetti and meatless meatballs, the recipe for which she acquired from Sloan Mitchell with a little help from Valia’s plants.

When they arrived back at their apartments, Greta started to unpack the groceries when she heard the front door open. I am going to let Clarissa in, Valia thought. She let the doorbell ring and waited a few moments before greeting Clarissa, motioning the taxi driver to leave. “Clarissa, you look so fabulous, I love your hair,” Valia said.

“Oh, yes I am growing it out, thanks Valia.”

Valia helped her with her bags leading her Sound And Vision back up to the apartment where Greta was waiting with open arms. “Darling, you look absolutely fabulous, I am so happy to see you.”

“Same here my dear friend, it is so good to see the both of you again.”

“How much time do we have to get you to your shoot?” Greta asked.

“Here is the address, how far is it, I have to be there at noon.” Clarissa replied.

“Oh, I know where this is, we should leave in a few minutes, traffic will be heavy this time of day.”

Clarissa gave the twins a Sound And Vision brief account of how she met the photographer and what sort of shoot was planned. “She is an admirer of Henri and his work, it should be fun.”

“Valia, want to come along?” Greta asked.

“If it does not seem rude, I would love to do some work in the studio.” Valia replied.

“Rude, oh Valia, don’t be absurd,” Clarissa smiled.

“Ok, I will be back shortly, have fun.” Greta said. “C’mon kiddo, go on ahead I will meet you in front.”

Clarissa walked down the long flight of stairs and opened the front door, stopping to Sound And Vision admire the stained glass trim on the door, holding it wide open so that the noon day sun made it glow. About a minute later Greta appeared on the porch. “So, tell me what else you have been up to these past months?” Greta asked as she led Clarissa round the corner to the garage.

Greta could see that Clarissa was very impressed with New York. “What an amazing place, I was here once with my parents when I was small, but being here now, I can understand why the two of you decided to stay.”

“I love Sound And Vision it.” Greta smiled. They shared what they had been up to as the Pontiac slowly moved through the heavy traffic.

Back at the apartment, Valia had made her way down to her studio carrying a large plant, pausing for a moment as she put the plant down on the floor next to some palm trees. “Alone finally,” Valia said walking over to close the door before heading to a recording table.

We are not alone, a few of the plants said. There is a male of your species here with us now.

Valia moved about the room looking like Sound And Vision she was at work. Show yourself, she thought. There was no reply. Whoever was in the room was invisible to her and was being shielded from her power to JTIK. Darlings, could you help me locate this intruder?

Greta had just dropped off Clarissa and was thinking of bringing back a few flowers when she sensed what was going on back in Valia’s studio. She immediately sent out a strong JTIK to everyone around her not to remember what they’d seen, as the Pontiac disappeared from the busy Manhattan street and reappeared in their garage. She paused for a moment Sound And Vision before rushing in like a swat team. Darlings, could you help me locate this intruder? she heard Valia think.

He is directly in front of Jika, a few plants chimed in.

Greta knew that Jika was Valia’s large Japanese Wisteria plant, so large in fact that she wondered if they would have to cut a hole in the ceiling to keep it there. Knowing now where the intruder was, expecting to be visible the moment she was in the room, she arrived with a devastating fury, landing directly on the man knocking him to the floor unconscious Sound And Vision, a thick glowing black helmet rolling across the floor as she did.

The twins were both expecting to see Alan from Princeton when the intruder became visible, but it was not he. This was a shorter male, with dark hair and a mustache. They removed the suit and helmet he was wearing, securing it in another part of the house. When the man regained consciousness, he found himself suspended in midair, unable to move. They could now read his thoughts and knew that he was not working alone. “Who are you?” Valia JTIKED him to confess, “And Sound And Vision why are you here?”

“I am Byron Trofeld, and I came to observe you in the flesh.” He replied.

“Why us, how did you find us?”

“We have been tracking anomalies occurring across the country for months, that led us to Alan and to you.” Byron replied.

“We, how many more of you are there?” Greta asked.

“One other.”

“Where can we find this person?” Valia asked.

“I am uncertain, but she lives on the island of Cyprus.”

“What is her name?” Greta asked. Does she know who we are?”

“Olga Kolaiditis,” Byron replied, “and no, she cannot possibly Sound And Vision know who you are, but I am sure she knows who Alan is and where to find him easily, you see Olga and I are Alan’s rivals.”

They JTIKED Byron to forget how he traced the anomalies to their door, but only after calling Olga and informing her that his search led to a dead end. They then took him out to the Pontiac and dropped him off in front of the Empire State Building, thinking he was a tourist, having no recollection of the day’s events or meeting the twins.

“We should do something very special for your Sound And Vision babies, they take such good care of you,” Greta said, still seeming a bit shaken by the experience.

“We must put some safeguards into place, at least until we meet this Olga,” Valia said.

“It is disturbing to think we had someone in our midst that we were unable to detect,” Greta moaned.

“Not unable to detect little sister, that I was able to do,” Valia said. “Unable to see and JTIK, that I agree, was disturbing. I think I will be very busy around the house while you cook dinner.”

“I bet you will be,” Greta said Sound And Vision pulling Valia’s head to hers and kissing her deeply until they were disturbed by the sound of a driver behind them honking their horn because the light had turned green.

“The light is green,” Valia said, “I think I shall make that the title of my greeting.”

“The sauce is red,” Greta laughed. “I think I shall make that the title of my dinner.”

And the sauce is what Greta started with. It had to simmer for exactly 74.68 minutes before it sat with the heat off for a minimum of 120.7996 minutes to set before serving.

Valia inspected the equipment Sound And Vision Byron had been wearing. The technology, to her species, was less than the equivalent of a grade school science project to humans, but part of its composition was traceable, so she opened the window and watched as it floated out before exploding into a countless number of particles that continued to dissipate until they no longer were detectable to even her. She then tried to research Olga online. With the help of her own customized search engine, she was able to find out that Olga had inherited a Real Estate and Hotel Dynasty from her parents that died in a Sound And Vision plane crash. She was only nineteen years of age. A prodigy, Valia thought.

I know I am, Greta replied in thought from the kitchen upstairs.

Valia simply laughed and went to work with her plants recording the greeting they had created for Bowie. When she was satisfied with the track, she JTIKED Bowie to call before Clarissa arrived, and to change any existing plans he might have that could interfere with his visit while Clarissa was in town.

The rest of the afternoon went by with the twins discussing what to do about Olga. “It says Sound And Vision here that Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite,” Greta smiled. “Look how beautiful, look how photogenic.”

“Henri,” the twins said at the same time. “Yes, but for now, a quiet dinner with friends,” Greta said.

Greta received a call from Clarissa who was getting a ride to their apartment, so she put the final touches on dinner. Just then the phone rang in the other room. “Hello I believe is the customary greeting,” Valia answered.

The voice of a man with a British accent replied. “I am not sure who I am to ask for, Green perhaps.”

“Mr. Bowie, Green Sound And Vision is fine, but I much prefer Valia. We were just sitting down to dinner, are you hungry?”

“No my dear, I have already eaten.”

“If you can take time out of your busy schedule, we would very much like for you to pay us a visit this evening.”

Valia went on to set the time for them to meet, after they were through with dinner and they had finished cleaning up after their meal.

“M-m-m-m-my meatballs,” Greta sang as Valia entered the kitchen. “Turn and face the sauce, M-m-meatballs, Don’t want to meet Sound And Vision a richer man, M-m-m-m-my meatballs, Turn and face the sauce, M-m-meatballs, Just gonna have to be my woman.”

“Mmmm, meatballs, but they have no meat in them?” Valia laughed.

“They are a meatball oddity that’s for sure,” Greta laughed.

Clarissa arrived just as Valia helped untie Greta’s apron. “I will let her in,” Valia said.

Valia opened the door to see Clarissa standing in front of the door with a woman. “Valia, meet Nastya Roshenko, Nastya this is Valia,” Clarissa said.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Valia, Clarissa Sound And Vision warned me about your beauty and charm,” Nastya said.

“What a nice thing to say, are you hungry, Greta has cooked enough to feed a large family?” Valia asked.

“Come on Nastya, I bet you won’t find this good a meal in a restaurant,” Clarissa smiled.

“Ok, I will join you, thank you for your offer,” Nastya said, motioning to her driver. “I will be staying here for dinner, please go get yourself something to eat, and save your receipt.”

Clarissa led the way up the stairs to the top floor. Valia followed behind them after locking the front door Sound And Vision. The door opened and Clarissa moaned with delight, “Smells fabulous,” she said going into the kitchen. Greta turned to see Nastya standing next to Valia. “We have another guest for dinner, Nastya meet my sister Greta, Greta this is Clarissa’s photographer friend Nastya,” Valia grinned.

“Amazing, Clarissa how can you tell them apart, they are two of the most identical twins I have ever seen?” Nastya asked.

“I hope you like pasta?” Greta said.

“If it smells this good I am sure I will love it,” Nastya replied.

Valia and Nastya went to sit down in the living Sound And Vision room while Clarissa helped Greta finish setting the table and pouring the wine. “She is quite taken by the two of you which should not come as a surprise,” Clarissa said. “Don’t be surprised if she offers you some work, she is a delight to work with.”

Greta gave Clarissa a big hug. “It really is good to see you again and have you here, and you must rate my vegetarian meatballs, but don’t tell Nastya they are meatless, see if she can tell the difference.”

They all sat down to a fabulous meal Sound And Vision. Nastya could not believe how beautiful and identical the twins were, nor could she tell that the meatballs were meatless. “Tell me about your shoot today,” Greta said.

“We did the entire shoot in an office building hallway, with huge windows and bright sunlight pouring through, the city skyline visible through them,” Clarissa said.

“Sounds nice,” Valia smiled. “Tell me Nastya, do you ever go abroad to shoot your models?”

“Quite often Valia, why do you ask?”

“Have you ever been to Cyprus?” Greta asked.

“Twice, once when I was a teenager, I fell in love with it.”

“Greta and I Sound And Vision would love to visit Aphrodite’s island, I would imagine there are some amazing locations to shoot at there no?” Valia asked.

“There are many Valia,” Nastya replied. “You should consider letting me shoot the two of you if you decide to go.”

“We just might take you up on that offer,” Greta smiled.

The rest of the dinner was a delight. Clarissa and the twins started telling Nastya about the Burning Man. They convinced her to lineup some unique models for a shoot there one day.

We should move to the other room soon and clean up Sound And Vision, Valia thought, our others guests will be here within the hour.

Did I tell you I love you today? Greta asked in thought.

About sixteen different ways, Valia smiled.

Greta suggested that they move to the other room so she could clean up after dinner. Clarissa insisted on helping her and would not take no for an answer. Valia put a c.d. of her music in the player at a low volume. “This is a fabulous c.d., who is the artist?” Clarissa asked.

“You like it, really?” Greta asked. “It is Valia’s work.”

Clarissa could not Sound And Vision believe it. “I had no idea she was so musically inclined.”

“I cook, she makes music,” Greta laughed.

They finished up in the kitchen and joined the others in the living room, Clarissa expressing her surprise at hearing the music being played was created by Valia.

“I dabble,” Valia replied, “and I think my plants like it.”

Just then the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” Greta said. She ran down the stairs to answer the door. Standing before her was a tall African woman, and Bowie in a long dark brown wool overcoat. “Valia?” he asked.

“Nope, she is older Sound And Vision than I am,” Greta laughed. “It is a pleasure to meet you, quite a fan of yours.” “We’re going to the top floor.”

“Thank you.”

Upon entering, Greta introduced everyone to each other. It turned out that their new guests knew Nastya. Clarissa was obviously blown away, being as huge a fan as she was. After a bit of getting to know each other and refreshments, Valia put on the greeting she recorded earlier, a cover of a Beatle’s song titled Something. She recorded it mainly for Greta to hear, the vocal tracks a magical Sound And Vision blend of multiple plants singing together to create the sound of a human voice, but she JTIKED the recording so that all who listened could hear the vocals. “Something in the way she moves, Attracts me like no other lover, Something in the way she woos me, I don’t want to leave her now, You know I believe and how.” “Something in her smile she knows, That I don’t need no other lover, Something in her style that shows me, I don’t want to leave her now, You know I believe and how.”

Bowie spent a moment Sound And Vision trying to guess who did the vocals. Valia told him they were synthesized and left it at that. Greta went into the kitchen when the song ended and Valia immediately followed once she sensed her emotions welling from the other room. “Are you ok?” Valia asked.

“I wish we were alone,” Greta smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek, “that’s always been one of my favorite songs but I have never heard such a beautiful version of it.”

“That’s because the person it was recorded for is so beautiful,” Valia said taking Greta into her arms and kissing Sound And Vision her deeply. She then JTIKED all of their guests except Clarissa that they wanted to leave.

“I would like to have you back to see my studio, perhaps collaborate on a track.” Valia said.

“I’d be delighted, what are the two of you up to tomorrow, there is a huge benefit to raise awareness for Women’s rights that Iman is hosting, you are welcome to attend.

“We’d be delighted,” Greta said

Their guests retired to their chauffeur driven vehicles and drove away.

“I didn’t get his autograph,” Clarissa laughed.

“He didn’t get yours Sound And Vision either,” Valia smiled.

“Well, your first time in New York, the evening is not young but it is not old yet, how about heading out to see some sights?” Greta asked.

“Are you sure, you worked so hard on the meal and all?” Clarissa asked.

“Absolutely, Greta’s tour begins in ten minutes,” she giggled. “Valia are you coming along?”

“Oh, I would not miss one of your tours for the world,” she replied.

The girls spun around Manhattan for hours. They showed Clarissa many famous sites, including Strawberry Field. When they parked the car and walked into Sound And Vision the park to see it, a flurry of snow began to fall just as they arrived. John was nowhere to be seen so they left at Greta’s suggestion that Clarissa see the city from above. “It is an amazing site to see this city from a birds eye view,” she said. They headed to the Empire State Building whose observatory was open until two a.m. After parking the car a block away, they took the elevator up to the top. It was an impressive site, But not like flying over it, Greta thought. After leaving the observatory, the Sound And Vision tour continued for a while longer before they all decided it was time to call it a night. Clarissa’s flight left at eleven a.m. and the twins insisted on taking her to the airport to see her off.

The room that Clarissa slept in had the sweet smell of a tropical rainforest, there were so many plants in it. She found it comforting, and said that she loved it so much she was going to start collecting more plants herself.

The twins settled into a passionate lovemaking session that carried them from the bedroom to Valia’s Sound And Vision studio and back. While in the studio, they listened to a live version of Something that seemed to bring Greta to a new level of passion when heard.

In the morning Greta awoke to find Valia at the open bedroom window, JTIKING three Western Sandpipers with a message that would be passed on to seagulls along the U.S. coast, who would pass it on to the shark population in the Atlantic, who in turn would pass it on to seagulls on the other side of the Atlantic, making its way to the winter flamingo population in Southern Sound And Vision Cyprus, and from there across the island through every species still around in the winter, to locate and return a visual of Olga Koladaitis.

“That is quite a task you have initiated, how long do you think that will take?” Greta grinned from the bed.

“Until long before Teddy needs us to discuss the parts in his film.” Valia replied.

“Could you give me the numerical version?”

“Approximately 28.73697 hours, approximately,” Valia replied.

“Pick twelve cities you would like to visit east of the Mississippi River,” Valia said.

“Well, let’s see, Here of course, Boston, Provincetown, Montreal, that’s Sound And Vision in Canada, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, why?”

“Come with me,” Valia said handing Greta her cashmere overcoat. Clarissa was still sound asleep when the twins appeared in the Pontiac. “Just sit back and let me do the driving,” Valia grinned. The Pontiac vanished from the garage, reappearing in the first of the cities on Greta’s list, only to vanish from there and continue in kind, one after another, city after city, with blinding speed and accuracy, stopping long enough in Miami to pick up a few Starbucks lattes, then reappearing in their garage back Sound And Vision in Manhattan.

“Was that our vacation?” Greta asked. “I forgot to send postcards.”

“I really loved Canada, and Miami’s palm trees,” Valia giggled.

“Yeah, me too,” Greta grinned.

They appeared in their locked bedroom with ample time to share one of their infamous showers together before waking Clarissa to get ready for her trip back to Chicago.

“I believe that right about now, there is a young lady in Cyprus who is looking at her instruments in awe and disbelief,” Valia said before stepping into the shower.

“Why, can she see us?” Greta asked.

“No, but we Sound And Vision will see her, very soon.”

Greta fixed breakfast while Clarissa showered and got ready for her trip. Valia had never been to an airport and decided to tag along to see Clarissa to her plane.

“Here, this is for you,” Valia said handing one of her plants to Clarissa, ‘she’s fallen in love with you overnight.”

“Really, why thank you Valia,” Clarissa said giving her a big hug.

“I have something to put her in for your trip back,” Valia smiled, “her name is Alya.”

They secured the apartments and headed off to the airport, but not Sound And Vision before a stop at Starbucks. Greta advised Clarissa that they would not be traveling to Chicago for the Thanksgiving Holiday. “We find it easy to give thanks each and every moment of our existence, besides, the holiday just makes me furious when I think of what was done to Native Americans,” Greta said. “But we’ll send mommy something nice for her and her friends to enjoy since they love the holiday.”

After parking at the airport, Valia put a security JTIK on the Pontiac. As a matter of fact she and Greta had decided to put their Sound And Vision lives into a very secure lockdown until Olga was located. Looking at the large planes through a window, “With little effort, these large vehicles could be powered pollution free,” Valia said. “There is simply no desire to do so.”

“Somehow, I think that day might not be too far off,” Greta smiled.

“I certainly hope so,” Clarissa laughed. “Although, I would miss the smell of an airport, for some reason I love the smell of aviation fuel and gasoline for that matter.”

“Well, here is where we have to leave you darling since we do not have tickets,” Greta said Sound And Vision. “I am going to miss you as usual my dear friend.”

“As will I,” Valia said giving Clarissa a big hug.

“You are going to make me get all emotional if you don’t stop,” Clarissa said.

“Come with us to Cyprus, we can arrange for it to happen during Christmas break,” Greta said.

“I will speak to Robyn and see what her schedule is, ok?”

“Have a safe trip, let me know you got home safe,” Greta said as they parted company once again.

On the drive back into town, Greta put a new c.d. in Sound And Vision the player. “I wanted you to hear some Bowie before tonight,” singing along to the song playing, “I will sit right down, waiting for the gift of sound and vision, And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision.”

“His room should have been green, the song would have sounded happier,” Valia smiled.

Chapter 32

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